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Flight Trivia: Aviators

An aviator is a person who flies aircraft for pleasure or as a profession. The word is normally applied to pilots, but it can be applied more broadly. Civilian pilots fly privately for pleasure, charity, or in pursuance of a business, for non-scheduled commercial air transport companies, or for airlines. When flying for an airline, pilots are usually referred to as airline pilots, with the pilot in command often referred to as the captain.


Piper Aircraft, Inc. is a manufacturer of general aviation aircraft, located in Vero Beach, Florida. In October 2006, Piper Aircraft announced that it would expand into the jet market with the PiperJet, a "revolutionary new aircraft that will offer customers a class-setting combination of performance, style, utility, capability and pricing". The PiperJet is said to be is designed with the owner in mind, and as a single-engine very light jet (VLJ) will compete with the twin-engine Eclipse 500 and Cessna Citation Mustang.

PiperJet cockpit

The PiperJet's clean sheet design incorporates single-engine turbine power for optimum cost efficiency, state-of-the-art safety measures, and a strong, smooth all-metal body. Capable of cruising at 360knots, at a maximum altitude of 35000ft, the PiperJet will feature the latest in integrated glass avionics, a luxurious interior and advanced manufacturing techniques pioneered by Piper. The aircraft can carry 6 passengers, with an optional 7th seat or lavatory. A selling price of 2.199m (in 2006 USD) is quoted for private ownership, and an Entry-into-Service date of early 2010 is anticipated.

PiperJet optional lavatory

In the company's own words, "the PiperJet is the aircraft you've been waiting to own." The PiperJet is sure to be a favorite with well-to-do hobby pilots and anyone else who can afford their own small aircraft for weekend jaunts to Nantucket or the like. Watch for celebrity flying enthusiasts to snap up a few of these as they become available for purchase.

PiperJet rear cabin

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